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Listen in and 10x your teaching experience! Get clear on your purpose, optimize your mental & emotional health, and learn prophetic teaching strategies that will help you and your students get the most of your classroom time together!

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Expert Interviews, mini workshops, and spiritual motivation all designed to help you turn stress and overwhelm into passion and purpose, so that you can finally start connecting with your students on a spiritual level like you’ve always dreamed!


Personal & Professional Development for Muslim Teachers
Get Inspired. Renew Your Intention. Transform Your Teaching.

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Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

Hey there,  I’m Zahra, mom to 3 energetic but lovely little girls, educator, wife of an amazing husband, who’s also a teacher, and the founder of I’m your host and virtual co-teacher! I love connecting with Muslims from all walks of life and learning from their knowledge and experiences, and finding ways to apply it to my life. You can say I’m multipassionate. I love seeking Islamic knowledge, love all things personal development, and I recently started training in Brazilian Jijitsu… it’s my new found love!

But you know what you and I have in common? We’re passionate about and committed to teaching and Islam. That’s why we teach Muslim students even when it is hard. You know what, I truly believe the key to producing a dignified ummah is in your hands. Yes, you, the Muslim teacher. On this podcast, you’ll learn from experts in various fields, teaching strategies you can easily implement, and personal development hacks to not only make you a better teacher, but to uplift you spiritually, and improve your wellbeing overall.

Look, a happy healthy teacher with the right tools and mindsets can have a far greater impact on students lives than a burned out teacher regardless of her experiences and credentials. This is why I started this podcast, to invest in the true leaders of this ummah, you, the educator!

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