MCEP 003 : Interview with Habib & Sanaa, founders of myDeen Magazine

Some people choose teaching because of the lifestyle it accommodates and some people are chosen for the big picture it facilitates. Sanaa Izreig and Habib are fine examples of beautiful souls chosen to do the blessed work of educating.

Sanaa and Habib are the power couple behind myDeen Magazine; a monthly magazine, developed under the guidelines of the Quran and authentic sunnah, designed to stimulate the Muslim child while encouraging reading and learning in fun creative ways as they grow and strengthen their Islamic beliefs.

What I love about this blessed couple, is that it was their desire for the well being of Muslim children that lead them to the world of education. Like me they started off in different fields, and ended up doing this work out of their love to see our children grow strong in their Islamic identity. MashaAllah, they have earned some majors wins and seen positive transformations over the years through their unique teaching methods.

What they thought would be a small North American project has now grown on an international scale. MyDeen Magazines are now being distributed worldwide with families from all backgrounds eagerly waiting for each monthly edition. The countless testimonials from parents sharing their experiences on how much value the magazines have brought to theirs and their children’s lives is what pushes Habib and Sanaa to continuously produce top quality material, with each issue being better than the last.

I’m so honoured that they are here today to share their story with us. I want you to know more about them and the myDeen project that has a vision beyond the magazine. In this session, they give us some behind the scenes glances of the company and fill us in on all the cool things they’re planning next.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Sanaa and Habib’s story is relevant to the MakkahCentric Education vision and my biggest takeaway from this interview
  • How Sana and Habib got into the field of education
  • How and why myDeen started and the passion that drives it
  • The vision that drives
  • How a demand for fun Islamic content grew their project internationally
  • The thought process in selecting themes, activities, and even images for each issue
  • The creative ways myDeen Magazine incorporates healthy family development through fun parent-child activities.
  • What lessons Sana and Habib have learned since starting myDeen
  • What other educational products they will be coming out with to serve Islamic school teachers and homeschooling parents
  • December’s issue and how it was selected
  • The exciting topic for June 2018’s issue

Resources mentioned in this episode:

myDeen website
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Follow on them on instagram —> @mydeen_magazine


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Special thanks to Habib and Sanaa for joining us this week. Until next time!

One comment on “MCEP 003 : Interview with Habib & Sanaa, founders of myDeen Magazine

  1. Umm Sumayyah says:

    Subhanallah, another great podcast. I didn’t know about MyDeen Magazines. As the sister said, collaboration is very important. Or was it the brother?
    Anyway, through this collaboration, I was able to find out about tbis wonderful magazine; Allahumma baarik. I just visited the website and I LOVE it! More Muslims should definitely know about it.

    I really enjoyed this podcast, maa shaa Allah. Keep them coming! In shaa Allah.

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