A Marketplace for Muslim Teachers to buy, sell, and share resources and lesson plans is finally here! 

Assalaamu ‘alaykum fellow educators, I am super stoked to introduce the MakkahCentric Education marketplace to you all! What was only an idea 10 months ago, has now become a reality by the grace and bounty of Allaah. The marketplace is the first step in bringing islamized education to Islamic schools a reality.

It’s a BIG deal! And you should be excited too!

MakkahCentricEducation.com is the only online teacher resource sharing platform dedicated to Muslims. It is the only marketplace promoting Islamized educational materials. It is the only platform unifying all the efforts of Muslim teachers, homeschoolers, professionals, and students of knowledge by creating a market where each one can sell products relevant to their expertise and needed by the other.

For example: I’m a teacher, but I don’t have the graphic skills to create nice educational posters. I can write great lesson plans, but I don’t have the time to search all the relevant Quranic verses and hadiths on a particular science topic. MakkahCentricEducation.com is where I’d come to find what I can’t create on my own, and sell what I’ve worked hard on producing. Everyone wins!

And if you’re stuck on what to sell, then  download this freebie I’ve prepared for you.   

We know teachers spend hundreds of dollars on education resources, and modern teacher sharing platforms are booming with sales and creative digital products. But there’s no teachers resource site dedicated to educators of Muslim children. That’s the problem MCE is here to solve!

In this episode, I’m introducing the launch of MakkahCentricEducation.com, the marketplace. I talk about how I came up with the idea and 3 main objectives behind building the platform. I know you’ll be convinced when you hear how MCE will help achieve my ultimate goal of revolutionizing the way Muslim children learn by making high quality islamized resources easily accessible.

Oh and I forgot to mention that whether you’re just a customer looking for products, or someone selling products, creating an account on MCE is 100% risk free. All current account options are free, and there are NO listing fees!

Are you excited? Inspired? Good! Get some Islamized product ideas here, and start selling today!

40 Free Ideas You Can Use to Create Islamized Teaching Resources 

Download your list and start selling on makkahcentriceducation.com

Leave a comment letting us know what you think about the launch of MakkahCentricEducation.com, and how it can help you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • the 3 major reasons why a marketplace will help
  • why MakkahCentricEducation.com is a big deal in the era of Muslim education
  • what value MCE will bring to you specifically and to the ummah in general
  • all the awesome work currently being done to advance Muslim education and how MCE plans to unify those efforts and not reinvent the wheel
  • how to use MakkahCentricEducation.com as a buyer
  • how to use it as a seller, and the features that come with your free seller account
  • why educational resources for Muslims are inadequate in quantity and quality and how MCE will change that by offering a platform for the brilliant minds of this ummah to carve out their niches in our marketplace.
  • a bunch of simple ideas that can easily be turned into digital products to be sold or given as free download

Resources mentioned in this episode:

40 Islamized Product Ideas to get you started TODAY
Islamization of Education of Muslim Schools and Home
Islamization of Education
Islamic School League of America (ISLA)
Edcamp Islamic Toronto
ISNA Education forums
The Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE)


Jazakallahu Khair for Listening!

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