On this week’s podcast episode, I’m challenging you to be a more vulnerable teacher. I want you to take this time of the year to reflect over the past academic year.

In this episode, I’m going to show you how and why you should make self-reflection a regular practice as a Muslim teacher.

Being a Muslim educator means that your Islam guides how you show up as a teacher. This is why the concept of muhasaba is so important for the Muslim teacher. I mean, muhasaba, or self-reflection, is important for all Muslims. But you, as a teacher of young impressionable Muslim students, can use this act of worship to grow yourself professionally. And I’ll show you how.

After listening to this episode, download the self-reflection prompts pdf below, and spend an hour thinking really deeply about the questions. My goal is to get you start being more intentional with your teaching!

In this episode we’ll go over how mid-year or end-of-year reflection can enhance your spiritual, emotional, and professional growth as a Muslim teacher. I’ll then share some powerful reflection questions you can ask yourself to start thinking deeply about your teaching practice and the impact you’re creating as a Muslim teacher. So listen until the end.

Specifically, you’ll learn :

  • What self-reflection is and what it is not (hint: It’s-not-a-beat-yourself-up session)
  • How self-reflection is highly encouraged in Islam using proofs from Quran & Sunnah
  • The connection between self-reflection and your spiritual and professional growth
  • Why it is so important to give yourself credit and celebrate your wins as a teacher
  • How self-reflection is humbling and shapes your mindset
  • How to start the coming year energized and motivated to make a greater impact
  • And so much more.

I’ll go over some reflection questions to ask yourself right now and I’ll break down how those exact questions can help transform you into a mindful, intentional, purposeful, and Islamically commited teacher.

Start the new year with the right mindset.

For more prompts you can download the freebie that goes with this episode below. 


16 Self-Reflection Prompts to make you a better Muslim Teacher!

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