Sr. Jameela Ho, of Ilma Education, is on the show to give us some great ideas and simple hajj activities and lessons we can do with children to familiarize them with this great act of worship.

I’m so happy to have her on today because not only is she an exert on early years education, but she’s written and created tons of educational resources that effectively integrate Islam in a fun way.

If you haven’t planned for this hajj season, and you think it’s too late, then you definitely want to listen to our discussion.

We’ll give you so much food for thought, ideas, and actionable tips that you’ll be inspired to start paying attention to this hajj season right away.

The best part is, we share enough ideas to get you started even if you didn’t plan to. 

You’ll get to hear us talk about how easy it is to integrate Islamic topics or themes in the learning, even if you’re not the Islamic studies teacher.

Jameela and I go back on forth sharing ideas that we’ve used with our students that work for different age groups.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The different work Jameela does to solve the educational and parenting problems of Muslim children and their parents.
  • How easy it is to combine Islamic themes and learning goals.
  • How Islamic topics or themes can be used to boost core academic skills like reading, writing, arithmetic’s etc.
  • Why we should take advantage of Islamic seasons in our teaching to help students live it and experience it.
  • Why should make a big deal out of the hajj season.
  • What activities teachers and/or parents can do with their learners to help them connect with the Hajj season.
  • Jameela’s inspiring Hajj themed Quran journaling challenge for children
  • And much more.

Resources mentioned in this episode


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