As a Muslim teacher or homeschooler you need time management. You need Islamic time management and that’s what we’re talking about in this week’s episode. 

Time management is not about finding extra hours in the day, to get more work done. It’s about choosing what to focus on, and using the time you have efficiently.

It’s really more about habits, mindsets, and barakah and we’re going to give you tons of practical tips you can adopt right away.

My guest this week is Br. Tushar Imdad, an English teacher and founder of Shaykhspear’s Online English Academy and High Impact Tutors. Br. Tushar is also a productivity and time management expert and he’s here to share with us practical time management techniques we can adopt to gain more pleasure and barakah from our work.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between big picture time management and small picture time management and which one teachers should focus on
  • What to prioritize and what tasks are wasting your time and energy (what you think is important may not be so).
  • How to apply the 20/80 principle to your teaching 
  • How leveraging your talents can reduce the time and energy spent planning
  • The importance of doing what you love and serving Allah through that
  • How and what to outsourcing so that you have more mental space to be creative
  • The power of Salahtul Duha and an effective morning routine
  • How excessive complaining harms your performance
  • How to batch work and avoid distractions
  • Tips for a healthy work life balance
  • And so much more. Listen above or on iTunes or Stitcher .

“As a Muslim, we can’t want anything less than Allah’s good pleasure and Jannat ul-Firdaws. Next, is realising what is it that Allah wants you to do with your life. What skills, talents and passion has Allah instilled in you, for you to best excel and serve humanity?” – Tushar Imdad

If you loved this episode, have a look at the links below. Br. Tushar has a course on Islamic time management that you may be interested in. 

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