#012: The Difference Between a Muslim School & an Islamic One, and Where You Fit In

Listen in to learn the key differences between Muslim schools and Islamic schools and how you as an educator can play your part to provide an Islamically transformative education to your students.

#008: Leadership and Islamic Education with Yawar Baig

Yawa Baig is on the show today to talk to us about leadership and the values Muslim educators should have and nurture.

#006: The Purpose of Schooling with Dr. Bilal Philips

In today’s episode, I ask Dr. Bilal a number of questions about Islam and education, our goals and purpose of education and schooling as Muslims, secularism and Islamic schools, what truly makes an Islamic school islamic, and so much more.

MCEP 005: A Marketplace for Muslim Teachers … Presenting

In this episode, I introduce to you the next biggest thing in Islamic and Home School Education; the launch of our teacher resource sharing marketplace! We’re stoked and you should be too!

MCEP 004 : Autism & Inclusion in the Islamic School Classroom with Sirad Shirdon

In this episode, Sirad educates us on autism, what strategies a teacher can employ to support their learning, and where Islamic schools can find useful resources and expert help to accommodate learners with developmental delays.

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