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#007: How to Integrate Islam into Any Lesson with Dr. Bilal Philips

Bilal Philips is with us again for another productive episode! In this session, we bring you a mini-workshop on how you can Islamize virtually any lesson plan or topic using 5 principles.

In the last episode, session 006, Shaykh Bilal Philips outlined for us what some of our goals and objectives for education and schooling should be as Muslims. We talked about the need and importance of integrating Islam and morality into the curriculum, and how we can easily Islamize lessons to make it relevant to the learner.

Integrating Islam in your lessons doesn’t have to be difficult, the issue is that we haven’t been trained, as teachers, to approach the curriculum from an Islamic lens. That’s what needs to change! So, because I am committed to helping you transform your teaching pedagogy to a more Islamic-centric one, I’ve prepared this mini-workshop to simplify the pathway to islamizing any lesson, subject, or topic you teach.

In this episode, Dr. Bilal Philips outlines 5 strategies that can effectively transform any curriculum based lesson into an Islamic one. He’s conducted workshops on the topic to a multitude of Islamic Schools all around the world, and also has a free diploma course that delves into each principle in more depth. Today, we’re bringing the workshop straight to your device!

Incase you can’t write down everything, we’ve outlined all 5 principles with details and examples for your convenience. Download your professional development freebie below:


Freebie: 5 Strategies you can use to Islamize ANY topic with tips and examples

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Islamizing the lesson plan if the starting point to an Islamized classroom
  • What the 5 principles of Islamization of education are and how to use them
  • What is Dr. Bilal Philips and his team of educators are currently working on
  • How the Chinese proverb “A picture is worth a 1000 words” is relevant to nurturing an Islamic atmosphere
  • How we can find a Quranic ayah to relate to any topic or discussion in the class
  • How integrating ahaadeeth builds the love for Prophet Muhammad salallahu ‘alayhi wa salam.
  • How integrating Islamic history and Muslim contributions is good for the confidence, self-esteem, and aspiration of the student.
  • What one study found about the deliberate dehistorization and devaluation of Muslims and Islam in Ontario social studies textbooks.
  • The transformative potential that implementing some or all of these principles have on the character development of the Muslim child
  • Why incorporating moral lessons into the lesson is more effective than teaching it as a stand alone topic

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Islamic Online University

Islamization of Education

The Reduction of Islam and Muslims in Ontario’s Social Studies Textbooks

1001 Muslim inventions


Jazakallahu Khair for Listening!

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