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One of the greatest advantages of having this podcast is that I get to interview and bring to you, so many different Muslims of different experiences, expertise, and more importantly perspectives. Shaykh Yawar Baig comes with all three. A scholar, an international motivational speaker, an educator, and an entrepreneur, he is on the show sharing his knowledge and giving us a taste of alternative perspectives!

Yawar Baig is the founder of Yawar Baig & Associates, an organizational development consultancy specializing in leadership and family business. Shayh Yawar is very popular in Muslim educational circles because of his contributions to the field of education and focus on leadership. I wanted him on the show to tell us how we can cultivate a culture of leadership in our education of Muslim children. How do we become leaders as teachers, and how to we teach to produce leaders? Well, we ended up talking about every topic under the sun, and I guess to be a leader means to have a wider picture of the different issues affecting Muslims specifically and humanity at large.

This interview is eye opening and really makes you consider different perspectives on leadership and even Islamic history. And this is one of the goals of this podcast, I want us to learn from the experiences of others and be exposed to different perspectives. It doesn’t mean, everything presented on this podcast you or I have to agree with, but hearing different perspectives on what works or what solutions we need can make us all better problem solvers!

In this episode, we talk about:
  • why Sh. Yawar is so invested in leadership development and the dire need for great leaders
  • how teaching compassionate leadership can solve all the world’s problems
  • why its not desire for leadership that is blameworthy, but what is done with that responsibility
  • the 5 necessarily values and elements that should be the focus of education
  • the importance of knowing both the good and the bad of Islamic history
  • how we have been approaching the enhancing Muslims’ self-esteem and identity wrong, and some possible solutions
  • what leadership qualities a Muslim teacher should possess
  • the importance of regular self-reflection and review for teachers looking to transform into leaders

Jazakallahu Khair for Listening!

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Special thanks to Yawar Baig for joining us this week. Until next time!

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