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MakkahCentric Education Podcast is where we bring you all the latest research and teaching trends related to the education of Muslims students. Our vision is to revolutionize and reform how education and knowledge is presented to Muslim learners in Muslim schools and programs. If you are a Muslim and play a role as an educator, be you a teacher, principal, homeschooler, imam, student of knowledge, or educational activist, this podcast is for you.

Listen in on what other Muslim teachers, academics, students, homeschoolers, Islamic school administrators, students, imams, and other knowledge experts in various disciplines have to say about teaching and nurturing the Muslim child.

On this podcast we discuss and conduct mini- workshops on Islamic pedagogy and teaching strategies, curriculum, classroom management, Islam, transformative curriculum, Islam, and social justice pedagogies. Tune in to learn more about what it takes to improve the academic and social lives of Muslim children. This is a movement, so subscribe and learn how you can get involved!

Behind The Mic

Zahra Osman

Show Host

Salam and welcome to our podcast. I’m Zahra Osman, your host and co-founder of MakkahCentric Education. After years of teaching Muslim students and then a masters in curriculum and pedagogy, I set myself out on a mission to revolutionize the educational system we subject our Muslim youth to. I’m passionate about Islamic education and pedagogy and I’m eager to see our people grow spiritually and worldly. I love networking and collaborating with anyone doing their part in advancing our ummah. So if you have a stake in the education of our young ones, come on the show and share that knowledge!

What is MakkahCentric Education

Makkahcentric education is essentially Islamic- or Muslim centred knowledge.  That is, learning about the world through Islamic perspectives derived from the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed, salallahu ‘alayhi wa salam. It is a faith-based approach to learning that centres and empowers Muslim children in their education. Makkah-centric education is not limited to Islamic studies but encompasses all sciences, worldly and Shari’. When we refer to Islamic education, we mean all forms of education that is rooted in Islam or has Islam at its foundation.

It is Culturally Responsive

Research affirms that children learn best when the curriculum, pedagogy, and school culture reflect their identity and culture. Knowledge delivered through a cultural framework representative of the child not only empowers and builds self-esteem, but promotes academic and social success.

It is Anti-colonial

Current school curricula adopted in many parts of the world, and even in Islamic schools, are largely Eurocentric; centring knowledge of the world in western culture, history, and epistemology. Although, Islamic, Quranic, and Arabic studies ares part of the Islamic school schedule, rarely do you find math, science, language, and social sciences integrated with Islamic culture and pedagogy. Makkah-Centric education recognizes that the success of the Muslim child, and ummah as a whole, will come through the reconnection between the Muslim learner and his/her Islamic identity.

It is a Revival of Islamic Civilization

The golden age of Islamic civilization and its contributions to the world and humanity is evidence for the need and potential of Makkah-Centric education.

GOALS of MakkahCentric Education 

  • to revive Islamic education both spiritual and worldly
  • to promote an Islamic world-view in the Muslim child
  • to promote and inspire the adoption of Islamic epistemology and pedagogy in Islamic schools.
  • to promote social justice pedagogy as a necessary component of Islamic pedagogy
  • to equip parents and educators with the knowledge, attitudes, tools and resources to provide makkah-centric education
  • to serve Islamic schools, weekend schools, and homeschoolers
  • to provide a platform for educators to collaborate and share knowledge and resources on education and Islam
  • to create a thriving online community of Muslim educators, scholars, academics, and subject experts across the world with a shared interest of revolutionizing Islamic curricula for the 21st Muslim child.

Join Thousands of Muslim Educators Worldwide

MakkahCentric Education is a worldwide project for Muslims teachers and learners. We are united with the common goal of uplifting the ummah through education. 

Join in on the conversation as a listener or guest and get involved in this great project of improving the educational experiences of Muslim learners wherever they may be. 

Subscribe, comment, and share. Be involved. Be united.

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