Islamic schools

#012: The Difference Between a Muslim School & an Islamic One, and Where You Fit In

Listen in to learn the key differences between Muslim schools and Islamic schools and how you as an educator can play your part to provide an Islamically transformative education to your students.

#006: The Purpose of Schooling with Dr. Bilal Philips

In today’s episode, I ask Dr. Bilal a number of questions about Islam and education, our goals and purpose of education and schooling as Muslims, secularism and Islamic schools, what truly makes an Islamic school islamic, and so much more.

MCEP 001: Introducing the MakkahCentric Education Podcast

In this episode, Roda and I introduce you to the show and walk you through some of the ideas and goals behind the MakkahCentric Education podcast, while discussing educational challenges and solutions for Muslim learners and institutes.

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