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#016 How to Teach With More Impact This Year, and Build a Legacy as a Muslim Teacher

Teaching is a calling they say. I believe it too. As a Muslim teacher or homeschooler, this is a job Allah selected for you. But the question is, what are you doing with that calling? How are you showing up to do the job Allah honoured you with?

More importantly, are you teaching for impact? Are you aiming for a transformation and long lasting changes in your students?

If you’re reading this, I’m 100% sure you’re a awesome teacher who cares. You teach seeking Allah’s pleasure. You’re in this field for the impact.

I know, that one of the things that keep you going, even when you don’t feel like it, you’re motivating knowing you are molding a Muslim child to becoming someone great. And if that’s really you, or that’s what you want to be, this episode is for you!

This week’s episode is full of motivation and practical tips to make you an extremely impactful Muslim teacher. My aim is to get you to look at your role in this world from a new perspective. You don’t just teach, you nurture minds and mold characters, whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally.

Here’s the thing, if you’re intentional about your role and the legacy you want to leave behind, then I have some amazing strategies that you need to implement. I must warn you though, many of these strategies will require you to change yourself, and transform your habits, and adopt a new mindset. But it will all be worth it! 

This is what you’ll learn, in today’s episode,

  • How redefining your role and getting clear on your ‘why’ will get you in the right mindset for an impactful year.
  • Why you should focus on results and actions and not just on acquired knowledge (i.e. curriculum content).
  • How being vulnerable and humble make you a more effective teacher and mentor.
  • How to instill an Islamic vision in your students, and the importance of promoting inquiry and critical thought.
  • Why you should spend time cultivating brotherhood/sisterhood in the learning environment how that goes beyond the classroom and impacts the Muslim community at large.
  • Accepting that your paycheck could never compensate all the work you do as a teacher, and where to look for compensation and motivation instead (hint: it’s not in this dunya).
  • Teaching with impact can only happen when you care about your students and the ummah at large.
  • And so much more. Listen here or here for Android.

My goal in this episode is to get you to look at your job differently. Look at it as a role you play in the progression of this ummah. If you can impact the students in your care to be productive contributing Muslims, then you are on your way to building your legacy! And that is something that can only be compensated justly by Allah!

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