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#011: A Step by Step Guide to Designing an Effective, Islamically Integrated Lesson Plan

If you’re not having fun teaching, or you’re finding yourself more stressed and frustrated after class than you’d like, or you’re spending way too much time (or too little) on one unit, then I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re not lesson planning…. effectively.

I know the days I go into class with no lesson plan or a vague outline of what I hope to cover, are usually my worst teaching days. The students are not engaged, they are rowdy, and I feel frazzled and disorganized because I’m spending energy on thinking how to deliver this concept, or what to do next, instead of using that energy to monitor and assist students.

But the days, I have an well thought out lesson that I actually write down in my lesson plan template, are really some of my favourite days teaching.

They are the days I end the class with a huge smile on my face and a reaffirmation of why I love teaching! The best part is that they are the days the students also enjoy the lesson and learn the most!

Lesson planning is not just about putting ideas and page numbers on paper, it’s a thought-out process of how you intend to deliver a lesson from beginning to end in a way that engages the learner and walks them throw a journey of optimal and lasting learning.

 Today’s episode is based on a live workshop I did for a group of educators, teachers and homeschoolers, and they found it super useful. It increased their confidence to teach and plan, gave them clarity on what to focus on during a lesson, and outlined a blueprint for them to help them organize the information in a way that makes sense for the student.

It was so good, I thought I should redo the workshop for my podcast listeners.

So here it is, your step by step guide on designing an effective, Islamically integrated lesson plan for optimal learning. I’m giving you the blueprint I use to ensure every moment of my lesson is meaningful and purposeful, so you can start transforming your lessons too. 

to download your lesson plan template

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • how lesson planning makes teaching so much more enjoyable
  • the benefits having a written lesson plan and the impact it has on student behaviour
  • how to plan & write SMART objectives for a lesson
  • what 5 steps to include in any lesson for optimal learning
  • some ideas for end of lesson assessment and the benefits of self-assessments 
  • how to integrate Islam into the lesson regardless of topic.
  • many ideas, examples, and motivation to give you the confidence and tools needed to become a lesson planning pro

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to download your lesson plan template

Jazakumullahu khairan for listening! Now it’s your turn to share your knowledge…. In the comments, tell us one thing you learned in this episode that can help you become a better educator.

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